The Notre Dame Fire

The Fire

Just recently, the Notre Dame Cathedral suffered a major tragedy that has shocked everyone. The medieval cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris was engulfed by a major fire which destroyed the very famous landmark of France. The incident took place on April 15th and shook the entire structure, resulting in the roof to collapse along with the 90-meter-high spire. The main structure however, remains intact. Two bell towers were managed to be saved. President Emmanuel Macron called it to be a “terrible tragedy”.

How did the Fire Erupt?

Although the cause of the incident is not totally clear yet, many officials have declared that the incident might be connected to the renovation work that was underway due to the cracks that had appeared. One firefighter also got injured while trying to control the fire during the incident. An inquiry has been put forward by the Paris prosecutor’s office to find out the cause of the incident.

The fire initiated at around 18:30 and quickly spread to the roof of the cathedral. Before toppling the spire, the fire was able to destroy the stained glass-windows and wooden interior. More than 500 firefighters tried their best to prevent the bell towers from collapsing, in which they were successful. Luckily, the main structure was secured.

The Restoration of the Cathedral

When the incident took place, thousands of people were gathered around the cathedral and stood there in shock, watching the fire spread. Some were saying prayers, while some were observed weeping for the loss. The cathedral was one of the most famous landmarks of France. In response to the fire, several churches in Paris rang their bells. The President, Mr. Macron, praised the firefighters and stated “We’ll rebuild Notre-Dame together”. There is no other landmark that represents France similar to the way Notre Dame Cathedral does. Since 1200, Notre Dame has stood tall in Paris. The last time Notre Dame Cathedral went through similar damage was during the French revolution.


  • The cathedral is visited by more than 13 million people every year, more than the visitors of Eiffel Tower.
  • The roof that was ruined in the blaze was made of wood.
  • The cathedral was constructed between the 12th to 13th century.
  • The whole world is expressing sadness and shock, and is praying for the restoration of the cathedral.
  • Thousands of heritage and architectural experts have called on Mr. Macron to restore the Notre Dame Cathedral before the 2024 Olympic Games. Thousands of people have signed a petition to consider rebuilding the cathedral without any haste.

2 thoughts on “The Notre Dame Fire”

  1. I pray that the cathedral will be restored with as much care, craftsmanship, devotion, and love as originally went into the adornment and building of it!♥️👀🎃👻🕷😈💀🦇🦉♥️


  2. Will you do a follow up? Has anything been done towards restoration? I’ll look probably on the Internet, but others might like something to take their minds of the pandemic!


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