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Anger and Kindness

In light of the way this year has started, with violence against our children, our firefighters, and our cops all making horrendous news across the country, I thought about what I should say in my blog about it. My reactions span the whole spectrum of human emotion, but my sadness and anger presently burn the… Continue reading Anger and Kindness

Gallows Humor (Cop Humor)

Sleep Hollow

I’ve previously mentioned the dark, gallow’s humor that infects cops and first responders. It’s a critical self-defense mechanism for us to do our jobs, complete an ugly or horrific task at hand, and move on to the next call. We can laugh or cry, and we almost never have time or the ability to cry… Continue reading Sleep Hollow

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Fire Forensics and The Flame Retardant Torso

We just got "The Debt Collectors" launched, which is based on a few cases that I and my partners have worked over the years.  It's been fun, at times, to relive the events upon which my stories are based; at others, though, it's been admittedly difficult.  I digress...I wanted to write about several truths in "TDC."… Continue reading Fire Forensics and The Flame Retardant Torso

Real Life Crime

Human Trafficking Across the Mexico/Arizona Border

For centuries, the opportunities that America provides have resulted in millions of immigrations, which have been both legal and illegal. Mexico is one of the closest countries, in physical proximity, to the United States. Each year many people arrive at its heavily guarded borders, in the hope of making the journey across. Although each individual’s… Continue reading Human Trafficking Across the Mexico/Arizona Border

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Selma’s Shame

Over the weekend, my wife and I watched the pilot episode of David Letterman's new show.  She felt obviously compelled to talk me into it, and I sincerely had no real objections; I grew up watching, or more accurately, hearing Letterman's monologue echoing from my parents' bedroom whenever MASH wasn't on (quick tangent: the MASH theme song… Continue reading Selma’s Shame


Inaugural Goose, Fortress Murders Most Foul, and Gratitude

The last two months of 2017 kept me so busy that I had little time to show gratitude to those around me who most deserved it, or to share with you all a few short pieces of news.  I wanted to cover this first so I can move through the rest of this year focused… Continue reading Inaugural Goose, Fortress Murders Most Foul, and Gratitude


Top 10 Christmas Crime Novels

Christmas is over for another year, but it got me thinking about what great crime books have been written using the season as a backdrop. Here's ten of the greats - let me know if there's any you think should be on the list. Maigret’s Christmas by George Simenon This collection of nine short stories… Continue reading Top 10 Christmas Crime Novels

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Crazy Christmas Crimes

Most people get into the holiday spirit by giving gifts, spreading good will and generally being in a more cheerful mood than at other times. There are exceptions to every rule, however, and over the years a few people have deviated from the true meaning of Christmas to engage in some form of criminal activity.… Continue reading Crazy Christmas Crimes

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Hard-Boiled Holidays

My family and I attended the Celebration of Christmas at Dream City Church last night, which has been a Phoenix-area staple for the last 39 years.  While it’s always an impressive display of talent and theatrical storytelling, this year’s presentation struck a particular chord with me.  Dream City Church is doing incredible work here in… Continue reading Hard-Boiled Holidays


Author by Accident

I didn’t ever set out to become a writer.  For that matter, I didn’t initially set out to become a cop, either.  Both just kinda happened.   Well, not exactly true, you don’t accidentally apply, complete a thirty-page background packet about everything you’ve ever done, ever thought about doing, or ever been within range of doing,… Continue reading Author by Accident