The Debt Collectors

All Debts Will Be Paid…

Available now in audio book and coming soon to print!


A frantic 911 call from a farmer sends firefighters and patrol officers to a hay field to investigate a late model Mustang coupe fully engulfed in flames. Believing it nothing more than an expensive property crime, a stolen and destroyed joyride, the fire crews go about extinguishing the routine blaze. As the flames recede, however, the discovery of two burned corpses inside the coupe’s trunk shifts the investigation and priorities for everyone involved. Detective Alex Landon leads the double-homicide investigation, which soon identifies the executed victims as interstate drug traffickers he’d arrested only two weeks prior. While Landon and his team work to learn the motive and find those responsible for the murders, he can’t shake a haunting suspicion that forces inside the Dry Creek Police Department are working against him.