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The second year of my master’s program started a few weeks ago, and I’m buried in Global History until mid-December. Exciting stuff on the Cold War that my fellow history nerds might be interested in. Hit me up if you’d like some recommended nonfiction reads! We just got pics from our Colorado family that the leaves are starting to change up in the high country, but we can’t yet tell a difference down here in the high desert. I still have to water my cactus from time to time.

The BIG news to let you in on is that my Absolver Series has been picked up by a new publisher! If you’ve ever read anything by L.T. Ryan or his Jack Noble series, you’re already familiar with my new publishing house! L.T. is an Amazon Top 100 Author, which is an INCREDIBLE feat considering how many writers have books available for sell on Amazon and Kindle. He started Liquid Mind Media and Liquid Mind Publishing, and I am exceptionally grateful that Michael Thomas and the Absolver series caught his attention.

The first installments of the series have been re-titled and are being re-released over the next few months. The Absolver is the series opener that takes place in Wyoming and Rome. The Trafficker is the second book set in Vienna, and The Bombmaker is the third novel that primarily covers events in Paris. If you have already read the Rome, Vienna, and Paris installments, we’ll have a new Michael Thomas thriller in your hands in November!! Here’s a link to the current series on Kindle:…

We’re working out the details necessary to re-release the current installments of the Alex Landon Crime Series and publish new stories in the coming months, so stay tuned for updates on that!

I’ll also have more news in the coming weeks on the NOVEMBER release of THE COPYCAT, the next brand-spankin’-new installment in the Absolver Series!

Until next time, take care of yourselves and each other! Be safe out there.

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