2024 Trilogy

The 2024 Trilogy is exclusively available on Kindle Vella beginning in summer 2021. This unique e-book service offers readers short, episodic bursts of intense stories certain to keep you turning e-pages late into the night!

November 22, 2024:

My cover’s blown.

After more than twenty years of covert operations, I made the most dangerous kinds of enemies all over the globe.

The world’s first artificial superintelligence, a digital entity called “One,” just unmasked me and every working covert operative, handler, and spy on Earth.

To make things personal, One let my enemies know exactly how to find everyone I care about.

I might be dead in a few days, but I’m damned sure not gonna die alone.

Introducing Daniel Sherwood

Daniel was still a sniper in the US Army when Chuck Nichols and the CIA came calling more than twenty years ago. His recruiter became a mentor, and Daniel turned down a half dozen promotions that would have forced him into an office and out of Chuck’s chain of command. Chief among his sacrifices for the United States and her people have been his close relationships. Daniel thought he could keep civilian friends and a wife while serving Uncle Sam and the Agency’s famed Seventh Floor administrators. Everyone need regrets, and Daniel’s got some to spare.

Two months ago, an op in London went sideways. Daniel had to watch his best friend die, and he’s pretty sure he caused it. They also failed to recover a stolen list of covert NATO identities being sold to the highest bidder. Not that it matters now. Every agent who hasn’t already been killed just got unmasked, Daniel among them.

Just like 9/11, this new enemy caught America and her intelligence community by surprise. Despite all his personal sacrifices and suffering, Daniel and his compatriots failed to identify a new adversary and protect the public from its malice. Unlike the 9/11 aftermath, however, CIA and all her agents and assets have no idea how to fight back.

With no one left to answer to, Daniel finds that all the skills, training, and experience that allowed him to protect humanity are the very things he now needs to destroy every threat around him.

2024 Outrun+Binay Bullseye Overlay-Poster (-16B/-9C/-34S/0T/-19B2024: THE RISE

Covert CIA operative Daniel Sherwood is compromised. Two decades of clandestine assignments earned him the most dangerous and intelligent enemies on Earth. A new artificial superintelligence called “One” just unmasked the world’s spies, so Daniel’s enemies know how to get to him and find everyone he still cares about. His could survive by disappearing in the darkest corners on Earth, but he can’t let his loved ones die like bait fish. With no expectation of survival, Daniel dedicates his final days to destroying everything that threatens him and his way of life.


Praise for Gavin’s writing:

“Written with a rare authenticity, Gavin Reese’s ‘The Absolver’ hits hard and leaves an impression on both gut and heart. I’ll be first in line to see where this story and character go next.” — James Rollins, New York Times bestseller of the Sigma Force Series

“‘The Absolver’ is a short, jabbing novella that hits you like a throat punch. It will leave you thinking about the hard realities of the temporal and the eternal, and that’s the best kind of fiction there is.” — Mike Maden, international bestselling author of the Drone Series and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Jr., novels

“‘The Absolver’ is a fascinating story that sounds so plausible, one can almost wonder if there isn’t some underlying truth to a Vatican group of assassins, looking to win good over evil. A great, well written story that I thoroughly enjoyed, and I strongly recommend this book.” — Book Review Crew