The Absolver

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Right now a team of Godly men stands ready. Positioned around the globe, they are called to protect us from the deadliest predators on Earth.

TheAbsolver-CenterImageAs he plunged his attacker’s blade deep into the man’s abdomen, Father Michael Thomas thought he understood the difference between murder and justifiable homicide.

After Church officials learn what happened in that dark back-alley amid the slums of Bogota, they urgently whisked Michael away to an isolated compound in rural Wyoming. Alongside a handful of trainees, he lives under an assumed name, learns the skills of a moral investigator and clandestine operative, and faces the ethical dilemma repeatedly placed before him: when is a deliberate death a righteous act?

As Michael struggles to answer the question for himself, he fears the faction is hiding secrets of its own and will stop at nothing to protect itself from even the slightest perception of betrayal.

Even if they let him walk away with his life, will Michael get to take his conscience with him?