The Kizazi Murders

I’ve again been asked to contribute a new crime story to a box set anthology, and the upcoming original Alex Landon crime thriller, The Kizazi Murders, can only be found in the Dead Silent set! I’m joining 17 other acclaimed authors to bring you the best crime stories available to start off the New Year!

Coming soon in January 2021 and available for special pre-order pricing now!

The next generation always has something to prove. 


From the moment Detective Alex Landon stepped into the crime scene, he knew his team was chasing a depraved serial killer. Fifteen hours later, a second murder victim helps investigators identify the next potential six victims. With time running out before the next scheduled killing, Alex and his team risk their lives to outwit and outmaneuver a brilliant killer who spent years planning to succeed and escape.

Before the next sunrise, Alex will have to choose between saving his own life and everyone he holds dear.

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