“’Enemies Domestic’ hums like a live wire with action, authenticity, and suspense to spare.” – New York Times and & USA Today Bestseller Michael Lister



Have you heard about THE EXPORTER?

Father Michael Thomas works for a secret organization within the Vatican, and he delivers last rites to the greatest evils on earth. His boss just sent him to his own reckoning.


Michael Thomas lives a complicated life. He’s a former street cop, and official church records show he’s a parish priest in Santa Fe. Secret files stored deep within the Vatican’s Division of Intelligence and Counterespionage confirm Michael’s also a covert agent engaged in a life-and-death struggle against the greatest evils that prey upon humanity. Michael hunts those who hunt others, and he’s very good at it. His handler is convinced that Michael betrayed their secret organization ten months ago. He intends to retaliate.

After months of isolation and radio-silence from the organization, Michael Thomas is suddenly dispatched to New Orleans, his first domestic assignment. The target is a prominent and well-guarded local businessman alleged to have the vilest secret Michael’s ever encountered, and he soon confirms his target’s businesses are mere fronts to conceal the real source of his extravagant income: modern-day international slave trading. Just as Michael’s prepared to send his soul on to judgment, new information changes everything.

With dozens of innocent lives unexpectedly hanging in the balance, Michael must protect his target from external forces sent to kill the man, save his target’s victims from a literal hell on earth, and regain his bosses’ confidence. Should he fail, Michael’s life won’t be the only one forfeited. If he fails to save the innocent victims he swore to protect, Father Michael Thomas will wish that he only died.

Buckle up and prepare yourself for THE EXPORTER, the fifth novel in the Michael Thomas Thriller Series. USA Today Bestselling Author Gavin Reese delivers another action packed novel that is perfect for fans of Lee Child, Dan Brown, and Jack Carr.