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Detective Alex Landon Case Files – Book 3

Sixteen-year-old Princess Peralta has almost succeeded in redefining herself from “aspiring drop-out” to “college-bound honors student.” When she’s reported absent from Dry Creek High School without explanation, School Resource Officer Javier Ramirez knows something’s wrong. After he learns no one’s seen Princess for forty-eight hours, he immediately teams up with Detective Alex Landon to investigate. What they soon uncover leads them on a desperate interstate search to rescue Princess, who they’re convinced has been kidnapped by one of the most dangerous human predators, a violent convicted sex trafficker.

Time is running out to save the girl’s innocence, and maybe her very life. Landon and his team are forced to balance what they know, what they can prove in a court of law, and the dire consequences for everyone involved if they fail to reunite Princess with her family.