The Importer

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Michael Thomas is going to war with the Russian mafia, but he doesn’t know that yet. He thinks he’s going to kill just one modern day slave trader.

TheImporter-Full-MidRight now, he’s traveling to Ukraine on a private jet…
With diplomatic credentials and guns from the Vatican…
And a boss who put a pistol in his face the last time they were together.

When this op goes sideways, Michael and his team will find themselves up against the most powerful and ruthless organization they’ve ever faced. His covert group lost one agent getting the intel that led them to this target and, as Michael’s team streaks across the globe, only God knows how many of them will return.

USA Today Bestselling author Gavin Reese delivers an intense, mind blowing thriller. If you are a fan of David Baldacci, Lee Child, Dan Brown and Jack Carr, this series is perfect for you!