The Trafficker

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Men who live above the law are never beyond wrath’s reach.

The TraffickerFather Michael Thomas vowed to risk his own life to offer Final Absolution to the greatest evils that walk among us. He swore to protect our safety and dignity, with the understanding that he would serve as a last resort after all other reconciliation methods had failed.

With his clandestine training program and first assignment complete, Michael receives orders to investigate a member of Austria’s high society. Meanwhile, betrayal within their own ranks threatens to expose the organization to the world and destroy their efforts to cleanse evil from the Earth.

Michael’s revelations soon place his vows and conscience in conflict with his anonymous superiors. Despite his efforts to remedy their differences, the moral divide between Michael and his covert organization only deepens as threats against them mount.

In order to save his freedom and his very soul, Michael must find a way to serve God, satisfy his superiors, and protect their clandestine operations, all without making himself a target for any of the forces working against him.

Getting into Vienna was easy, but a diabolical underworld lurks beneath its long history of beautiful art, culture, architecture, and music. In such an environment, a man with a devout moral code becomes an obvious target for a diverse array of malicious conspirators. For Father Michael Thomas in particular, getting out of Vienna alive will prove far more difficult.