The Michael Thomas Thriller Series

Right now a team of Godly men stands ready. Positioned around the globe, they are called to protect us from the deadliest predators on Earth.


“Written with a rare authenticity, Gavin Reese’s ‘The Absolver’ hits hard and leaves an impression on both gut and heart. I’ll be first in line to see where this story and character go next.” — James Rollins, New York Times bestseller of the Sigma Force Series

“‘The Confession’ is a short, jabbing novella that hits you like a throat punch. It will leave you thinking about the hard realities of the temporal and the eternal, and that’s the best kind of fiction there is.” — Mike Maden, international bestselling author of the Drone Series and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Jr., novels

“‘The Absolver’ is a fascinating story that sounds so plausible, one can almost wonder if there isn’t some underlying truth to a Vatican group of assassins, looking to win good over evil. A great, well written story that I thoroughly enjoyed, and I strongly recommend this book.” — Book Review Crew


Michael Thomas is neck-deep in personal conflict. He left the police force to become a parish priest and now, while serving a congregation in the slums of Bogotá, Columbia, Michael is forced to confront his own demons when a predator confesses his sins.


TheAbsolver-CenterImageTHE ABSOLVER

Father Michael Thomas is sent to an isolated compound in rural Wyoming. Alongside a handful of trainees, he lives under an assumed name, learns the skills of a moral investigator and clandestine operative, and faces the ethical dilemma repeatedly placed before him: when is a deliberate death a righteous act?



With his clandestine training program and first assignment complete, Michael receives orders to investigate a member of Austria’s high society. Meanwhile, betrayal within their own ranks threatens to expose the organization to the world and destroy their efforts to cleanse evil from the Earth.


THE BOMBMAKERLMP-Cover-The Bombmaker 2

Amid suspicions that his clandestine hierarchy is turning on their own, Michael is dispatched to an urgent assignment in Paris. Many hundreds of innocent lives are at stake, and he’s running out of time to stop an ethnic genocide. Two unorthodox absolutions already haunt his dreams and, if he’s successful, Michael will officially become one of the monsters he hunts.


TheCopycat-AmazonTHE COPYCAT

A priest in a historic London church has again heard confessions from a man who wants to be a new Jack the Ripper. Although he’s confessed to the brutal killings of several women in the city’s famed East End, there’s never been a body that proved his crimes. Until now…

If Michael is to save London from its latest monster, he and his team will have to risk their lives and their own salvation. As the memories of recent victims cry out for justice, the killer turns on the team and threatens Michael with a fate far worse than death.


THE EXPORTERTheExporter-Full-Mid

Michael Thomas hunts those who hunt others, and he’s very good at it. His handler is convinced that Michael betrayed him and their secret organization ten months ago. They intend to retaliate.

After months of isolation and radio-silence, Michael is dispatched to New Orleans. A prominent and well-guarded local businessman has been running front companies to conceal the real source of his extravagant income: modern-day international slave trading.

Just as Michael’s prepared to send his soul on to judgment, new information changes everything and dozens of innocent lives hang in the balance. Michael must now protect his target from external forces sent to kill the man, save his target’s victims from a literal hell on earth, and regain his bosses’ confidence. Should he fail, Michael’s life won’t be the only one forfeited. If he loses the innocent victims he swore to protect, Father Michael Thomas will wish that he only died.


THE IMPORTERTheImporter-Full-Mid

Michael Thomas is going to war with the Russian mafia, but he doesn’t know that yet. He thinks he’s just going to kill a modern-day slave trader.

Right now, he’s traveling to Ukraine on a private jet…
With diplomatic credentials and guns from the Vatican…
And a boss who put a pistol in his face the last time they were together.

When this op goes sideways, Michael and his team will find themselves up against the most powerful and ruthless organization they’ve ever faced. His covert group lost one agent getting the intel that led them to this target and, as Michael’s team streaks across the globe, only God knows how many of them will return.