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Holiday Gratitude: There’s Two Os in “Goose”

Did I ever tell you about last Thanksgiving, when I made dinner for my writing group in a 12th-century Austrian castle? Keep scrolling for photos of our spread atop the dining hall’s 17-century furnishings. I’ve also included an incredible recipe I stole from Jamie Oliver’s website fair-and-square. Go ahead and peek, I’ll wait here for… Continue reading Holiday Gratitude: There’s Two Os in “Goose”


Inaugural Goose, Fortress Murders Most Foul, and Gratitude

The last two months of 2017 kept me so busy that I had little time to show gratitude to those around me who most deserved it, or to share with you all a few short pieces of news.  I wanted to cover this first so I can move through the rest of this year focused… Continue reading Inaugural Goose, Fortress Murders Most Foul, and Gratitude


Author by Accident

I didn’t ever set out to become a writer.  For that matter, I didn’t initially set out to become a cop, either.  Both just kinda happened.   Well, not exactly true, you don’t accidentally apply, complete a thirty-page background packet about everything you’ve ever done, ever thought about doing, or ever been within range of doing,… Continue reading Author by Accident


Thank you, Denver Comic Con!!

Only a few hours ago, I finished the “Writing the Perfect Crime” discussion panel at Denver Comic Con I wrote about earlier.  I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to one of my friends, Vivian Caethe ( ), who organized and moderated the panel, for putting together such an amazing experience.  I had no… Continue reading Thank you, Denver Comic Con!!


Husband, Rugger, Cop, Narc, Sniper…Author?

As I write this, I stand at the verge of acquiring a new title and aspect of my self-identity.  Author.  Unbelievable… The staff at Cyanide Publishing are diligently working to finalize design and initial content for the website and social media sites.  I’ve returned approvals for the book cover design and graphics, the digital… Continue reading Husband, Rugger, Cop, Narc, Sniper…Author?