History of the Illuminati

The history of the Illuminati can be traced back thousands of years. It is now known as the world’s greatest conspiracy which was created by a man named Adam Weishaupt. He was a Catholic man who left the religion of Christianity and decided to organize a group called the Illuminati which was mainly funded by… Continue reading History of the Illuminati

Police Life

The History of the FBI – The United States needs an Investigative Force

At the start of the 20th century, The United States of America had grown significantly. The country’s wealth was extensive, as a result of industrialisation, and it was now considered to be a world power. Within its boundaries, however, the expansion had led to an increase in crime and an inability to control it. Most… Continue reading The History of the FBI – The United States needs an Investigative Force

Gallows Humor (Cop Humor)

Sleep Hollow

I’ve previously mentioned the dark, gallow’s humor that infects cops and first responders. It’s a critical self-defense mechanism for us to do our jobs, complete an ugly or horrific task at hand, and move on to the next call. We can laugh or cry, and we almost never have time or the ability to cry… Continue reading Sleep Hollow


Goodreads Response

Wow.  Since Cyanide Publishing released Enemies Domestic in tangible formats in June and Kindle on 3 July, I’ve been incredibly surprised and grateful for the public’s response to my stories.  I took about a week off from writing the upcoming Enemies Foreign, which is due out on 15 November, to write Room Number Three.  To… Continue reading Goodreads Response


Enemies Foreign – Now available to pre-order

Foreign terror cells have infiltrated and disabled emergency response units. Nothing can prevent their next terror attack. Available to pre-order now. Released 15th November: While following leads to identify and arrest a local international drug trafficker, Detective Alex Landon is called to lead a mass murder investigation after the unholy marriage of a drugs trafficking… Continue reading Enemies Foreign – Now available to pre-order


The Grand Canyon

Located in Arizona, The Grand Canyon is a steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River. the canyon is 277 miles long and up to 18 miles wide and about 6000 feet deep. Even though it is not the deepest canyon in the world, the Grand Canyon can be visually overwhelming. In carving the Grand Canyon,… Continue reading The Grand Canyon

Gallows Humor (Cop Humor), Police Life

Office Parties

I simultaneously love and loath going to my wife’s office parties.  One or two folks there know what I do, but, for everyone else, they get a comical lie if they ask what I do for work.  Despite how commonplace this is for us cops, I imagine it could be a pretty misunderstood safety tactic. … Continue reading Office Parties

Police Life

An American’s Right to a Second Chance

I listened to a public radio discussion on Reginald Dwayne Betts and his efforts to practice law.  Save your lawyer jokes for another day, friends, this is serious.  As I write this, the Connecticut Bar is deciding the fate of his application, and attempting to determine if he is of sufficiently “good moral character” to… Continue reading An American’s Right to a Second Chance


Pre-order Room #3

A sadistic child killer awaits in Room Number Three. Available now to pre-order (Out 4 September): One year ago, Detective Alex Landon began investigating the unexplained disappearance of ten-year-old Kevin Stevenson. Now he could finally sit across from the predator he believed responsible. The catch? Landon has no evidence to hold his suspect, who clearly knows investigators can't… Continue reading Pre-order Room #3