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Cop-isms: Misadventures in Report Writing

You might not be surprised to learn that I have a strong love-hate relationship with report writing.  I dislike the task itself, and I don’t recall the recruiting videos ever discussing that a huge chunk of my police career would be spent with a keyboard.  I don’t know anyone who went to the police academy… Continue reading Cop-isms: Misadventures in Report Writing

Police Life

Are they Enemies, Civilians, or Neighbors???

I recently read an article in the New Yorker about a former CIA employee who’s currently driving a patrol car around his hometown of Savannah, Georgia.  While I don’t agree with everything the article puts forth or attributes to the officer, this officer and NYer author do offer an important point that I try to… Continue reading Are they Enemies, Civilians, or Neighbors???

Police Life

Sir Robert Peel – The Nine Peelian Principles

The Peelian Principles were outlined by Sir Robert Peel, after the inception of London’s Metropolitan Police Force, in 1829. They demonstrate the purpose and mission of the force, as well as remind officers for their reason for employment and who they serve. These instructions have been passed on to each new entry into the force,… Continue reading Sir Robert Peel – The Nine Peelian Principles

Police Life

Sir Robert Peel – The Father of Modern British Policing

Sir Robert Peel, 2nd Baronet, was a member of The Conservative Party who served two terms as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, from 1834-1835 and 1841-46. He also served twice as Home Secretary, in 1822-27 and 1828-30. During his first term as Home Secretary, Peel reformed and liberalised criminal law. His most notable contribution… Continue reading Sir Robert Peel – The Father of Modern British Policing

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The Pinkerton Detective Agency

Scottish immigrant, Allan Pinkerton was responsible for starting The Pinkerton Detective Agency in the 1850s. He unintentionally became involved in the search for a gang of counterfeiters, while running a barrel making company, and displayed leadership abilities and a high level of investigative skills. After the arrests, he was offered the position of deputy sheriff… Continue reading The Pinkerton Detective Agency


Inaugural Goose, Fortress Murders Most Foul, and Gratitude

The last two months of 2017 kept me so busy that I had little time to show gratitude to those around me who most deserved it, or to share with you all a few short pieces of news.  I wanted to cover this first so I can move through the rest of this year focused… Continue reading Inaugural Goose, Fortress Murders Most Foul, and Gratitude


Author by Accident

I didn’t ever set out to become a writer.  For that matter, I didn’t initially set out to become a cop, either.  Both just kinda happened.   Well, not exactly true, you don’t accidentally apply, complete a thirty-page background packet about everything you’ve ever done, ever thought about doing, or ever been within range of doing,… Continue reading Author by Accident

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Kill Me First

I hate to speak in generalizations, especially about my people, so I’ll just speak from my own experiences, reasoning, and fears.  I go to work every day with the subconscious acceptance that I may not come home.  I accepted and filed that possibility as among the ‘costs of doing business’ long ago.  It’s not that… Continue reading Kill Me First

Police Life

Mutual Salvation

I’ll call her Lucy.  I don’t remember now if she called 911 herself, or if someone else turned us onto her need for help.  Doesn’t really matter that much.  In my memory, it’s late spring, because it’s after midnight, there’s dew on the grass, and it’s warm enough that I’m in short sleeves.  I had… Continue reading Mutual Salvation


First Official Donation, Thanks to All of You!

Thanks to everyone who has supported my writing and this new endeavor through Cyanide Publishing. You're literally making new dreams come true for me, almost every week. Got some really exciting news coming up in the next two months, but I'm going to share that with you when its closer. For today, I want to… Continue reading First Official Donation, Thanks to All of You!