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Protested Overtime

With election season in its final, desperate death throws, I thought it would be worth sharing how special events, public rallies, and protest/counter-protest (AKA “modern political dialogue”) look from our perspective. I’ve had the distinct honor of working more than my share of these events and I can tell you that it almost doesn’t matter… Continue reading Protested Overtime

Police Life

The Future of Modern Policing

The increase in technology, in recent decades, has helped to change the nature of crimes in the modern world. Traditional crimes such as burglary, street violence and theft have decreased, and others, such as cyber-crime and fraud, have become more frequent. The police have had to adapt to the way they investigate these cases, using… Continue reading The Future of Modern Policing

Police Life

Are they Enemies, Civilians, or Neighbors???

I recently read an article in the New Yorker about a former CIA employee who’s currently driving a patrol car around his hometown of Savannah, Georgia.  While I don’t agree with everything the article puts forth or attributes to the officer, this officer and NYer author do offer an important point that I try to… Continue reading Are they Enemies, Civilians, or Neighbors???

Police Life

Are You Investing in People or Building Sandcastles?

There are a lot of tough realities about the police profession that everyone keeps forgetting to add to the recruiting videos.  One that’s recently come to mind is the fact that most of our personal contributions, sacrifice, and toil have the permanence of dry sand castles just before a rising tide. Every time a cop… Continue reading Are You Investing in People or Building Sandcastles?


Husband, Rugger, Cop, Narc, Sniper…Author?

As I write this, I stand at the verge of acquiring a new title and aspect of my self-identity.  Author.  Unbelievable… The staff at Cyanide Publishing are diligently working to finalize design and initial content for the gavinreese.com website and social media sites.  I’ve returned approvals for the book cover design and graphics, the digital… Continue reading Husband, Rugger, Cop, Narc, Sniper…Author?

Police Life

Police Reports

I previously mentioned that I wrote a lot as a kid.  I forgot to mention that that was also one of the most common forms of punishment in my house.  My dad got kicked around a lot as a kid, so, instead of carrying that on with us, he went the opposite direction.  Never laid… Continue reading Police Reports