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Crazy Christmas Crimes

Most people get into the holiday spirit by giving gifts, spreading good will and generally being in a more cheerful mood than at other times. There are exceptions to every rule, however, and over the years a few people have deviated from the true meaning of Christmas to engage in some form of criminal activity.… Continue reading Crazy Christmas Crimes

Police Life

Mutual Salvation

I’ll call her Lucy.  I don’t remember now if she called 911 herself, or if someone else turned us onto her need for help.  Doesn’t really matter that much.  In my memory, it’s late spring, because it’s after midnight, there’s dew on the grass, and it’s warm enough that I’m in short sleeves.  I had… Continue reading Mutual Salvation

Real Life Crime

Life in Captivity – Kidnapped and Imprisoned

Unfortunately, there are many evil acts committed in the world daily in which victims are kidnapped to fulfil a role for their captor. The lucky ones end up being found shortly after, in many instances saving their lives, the bodies of others turn up unexpectedly and some victims remaining missing, their fates unknown. There are… Continue reading Life in Captivity – Kidnapped and Imprisoned