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Are they Enemies, Civilians, or Neighbors???

I recently read an article in the New Yorker about a former CIA employee who’s currently driving a patrol car around his hometown of Savannah, Georgia.  While I don’t agree with everything the article puts forth or attributes to the officer, this officer and NYer author do offer an important point that I try to… Continue reading Are they Enemies, Civilians, or Neighbors???

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Sir Robert Peel – The Father of Modern British Policing

Sir Robert Peel, 2nd Baronet, was a member of The Conservative Party who served two terms as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, from 1834-1835 and 1841-46. He also served twice as Home Secretary, in 1822-27 and 1828-30. During his first term as Home Secretary, Peel reformed and liberalised criminal law. His most notable contribution… Continue reading Sir Robert Peel – The Father of Modern British Policing

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Are You Investing in People or Building Sandcastles?

There are a lot of tough realities about the police profession that everyone keeps forgetting to add to the recruiting videos.  One that’s recently come to mind is the fact that most of our personal contributions, sacrifice, and toil have the permanence of dry sand castles just before a rising tide. Every time a cop… Continue reading Are You Investing in People or Building Sandcastles?

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Fire Forensics and The Flame Retardant Torso

We just got "The Debt Collectors" launched, which is based on a few cases that I and my partners have worked over the years.  It's been fun, at times, to relive the events upon which my stories are based; at others, though, it's been admittedly difficult.  I digress...I wanted to write about several truths in "TDC."… Continue reading Fire Forensics and The Flame Retardant Torso

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Selma’s Shame

Over the weekend, my wife and I watched the pilot episode of David Letterman's new show.  She felt obviously compelled to talk me into it, and I sincerely had no real objections; I grew up watching, or more accurately, hearing Letterman's monologue echoing from my parents' bedroom whenever MASH wasn't on (quick tangent: the MASH theme song… Continue reading Selma’s Shame


Author by Accident

I didn’t ever set out to become a writer.  For that matter, I didn’t initially set out to become a cop, either.  Both just kinda happened.   Well, not exactly true, you don’t accidentally apply, complete a thirty-page background packet about everything you’ve ever done, ever thought about doing, or ever been within range of doing,… Continue reading Author by Accident

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The Craziest Thing

If you aren’t already aware, my wife’s office parties.  Because a few folks there know what I do, I eventually get dimed out when a stranger confirms in front of other strangers that I’m a cop.  Out of respect for my wife and her peers, I have to come clean.  Then, the conversation goes one… Continue reading The Craziest Thing

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Mutual Salvation

I’ll call her Lucy.  I don’t remember now if she called 911 herself, or if someone else turned us onto her need for help.  Doesn’t really matter that much.  In my memory, it’s late spring, because it’s after midnight, there’s dew on the grass, and it’s warm enough that I’m in short sleeves.  I had… Continue reading Mutual Salvation

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Life in Captivity – Kidnapped and Imprisoned

Unfortunately, there are many evil acts committed in the world daily in which victims are kidnapped to fulfil a role for their captor. The lucky ones end up being found shortly after, in many instances saving their lives, the bodies of others turn up unexpectedly and some victims remaining missing, their fates unknown. There are… Continue reading Life in Captivity – Kidnapped and Imprisoned

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Office Parties

I simultaneously love and loath going to my wife’s office parties.  One or two folks there know what I do, but, for everyone else, they get a comical lie if they ask what I do for work.  Despite how commonplace this is for us cops, I imagine it could be a pretty misunderstood safety tactic. … Continue reading Office Parties