Sample: “The Kizazi Murders”

The Kizazi Murders
An Alex Landon Crime Thriller
by Gavin Reese

Gavin Reese
© 2020 – All Rights Reserved.
Rukia Publishing Co.

Praise for Gavin’s works:

“‘Enemies Domestic’ hums like a live wire with action, authenticity, and suspense to spare.”
– NYT & USA Today Bestseller Michael Lister

“‘The Absolver’ is a short, jabbing novella that hits you like a throat punch. It will leave you thinking about the hard realities of the temporal and the eternal, and that’s the best kind of fiction there is.”
— Mike Maden, international bestselling author of the Drone Series and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Jr., novels

“Written with a rare authenticity, Gavin Reese’s ‘The Absolver’ hits hard and leaves an impression on both gut and heart. These pages also hold the promise of much more to come from this author. I know I’ll be first in line to see where this story and character go next.”
— James Rollins, New York Times and international bestseller of the Sigma Force series

*** ** * ** ***


March 14th, 8:15 pm

Museum of the American Frontier. Dry Creek, Arizona.

Her pulse quickened, and nervous energy filled her chest when the museum finally and predictably fell dark. 8:15, right on schedule. Lifting powerful binoculars to her eyes, Nalla grinned at the magnified image of Hector Harmon as he locked up the building across the street. Even in the faint light cast from the parking lot’s sparse overhead lighting, her gleaming white teeth contrasted with her dark black skin.

She had watched Harmon every day of the previous four months, and the extreme routine of his life now drastically limited the decreasing number of breaths left in it. He alone closed up the museum every weeknight, always stepping out between 8:12 and 8:19pm. Always alone, and always out the door to his right as though he had to stay in line with the nonexistent foot traffic. Never in the previous four months had Harmon scanned the area around him for threats. His world apparently held no danger, and he behaved as though the safety of his past would continue indefinitely through all his tomorrows. Nalla planned to end that trend with the worst possible lesson a naïve man could learn.

Nalla lowered the binoculars and watched Harmon continue out to the parking lot and the predictably tan four-door sedan that awaited his return. Sunday is fried chicken night, so, the K-F-C drive-through and home to his shitty little studio apartment. She grinned in the faint lighting. I’ll bet his life on it. The doctoral candidate’s university colleagues and coworkers at the Museum of the American Frontier would soon miss him, but that didn’t matter. She wanted Hector found, at least the new-and-improved version she intended to leave behind. Even if this isn’t your most memorable night on Earth, Mister Harmon, it is certain to be your last. Tomorrow, you get the privilege of announcing me to the world.

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