Sergio Guzman

The Saint Michael Thriller Series features an eternally pragmatic optimist, Sergio Guzman Although he lived and worked with Michael in Ecuador and once saved him from assassination by rebels there, Sergio has a long history of secrets Michael knows nothing about. These are some of the events and circumstances that led him to join the Absolvers.


Full Name/DOB: Sergio Perez Guzman, February 13, 1981

Parents: Horatio and Josephina Guzman

Birthplace: Long Beach General Hospital, Long Beach, California.

Education: Long Beach High School (1995-1999); Bachelor of Arts-Psychology (California State University-Long Beach, 1999-2003); Master of Arts-Philosophy (American Military University, 2005-07).

Employment: Granny’s Country Fried Restaurant, Cashier/Cook/Manager (1995-99); CSU-Admissions Office, Advisor (1999-2003); Department of the Navy/United States Marine Corps, Priest/Chaplain (2003-2010); Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Quito, Priest (2015-17)

Hobbies: American Football, Baseball, USMC Marathon


Throughout his life, Sergio has been described by his superiors, sports coaches, and leaders as “coachable,” “loyal,” and “disciplined.” He always follows orders, directives, and instructions. Despite having never confronted or questioned those appointed over him, Sergio’s obvious intellect assures others that he doesn’t act mindlessly or without consideration.


Sergio Guzman was a model Marine, model priest, and seems destined for great success within the Holy See. Despite a successful and devoted career in the US military, Guzman seemingly harbors no emotional or logical supremacy of that secular government over his papal leadership. Current analysis at Division of Intelligence & Counter-Espionage finds no areas of concern in his profile or background.