Michele Lindsey

Town of Dry Creek, Arizona – Human Resources Division

2017 Prior-Year Annual Employee Evaluations Form (Page Two)


Supervisor/Evaluator: David Templeton

Position: Sergeant II (Patrol)

Subject/Employee: Michele Lindsey

Position: Officer III (Patrol)


Average Employee Rating (1-5) Across all Categories from Page One: 4.13


Describe Employee in Team/Group Settings: Ofc Lindsey is an important part of her patrol squad and the patrol “team” in general. She brings a broad and useful knowledge base to patrol operations and investigations. Over time, Lindsey generally develops good working relationships with her colleagues. Her strengths are also the source of her weakness, however, as she occasionally demonstrates impatience with less-informed coworkers. Lindsey has openly rebuked squad members in front of the group; despite my inability to condone the practice, she hasn’t ever been wrong about the subject when doing so. To her credit, Lindsey agreed to do a better job of “playing nice” when she disagrees with her coworkers. She tends to gravitate toward working with Ofc Landon whenever compelled to work with a partner. Lindsey has a clear preference for taking leadership roles in groups.

Employee Team/Group Setting Work Rating (refer to guide for definitive examples): 3

Describe Employee in Individual/Solo Settings: Ofc Lindsey completes exceptional work at all levels and across all subject matters whenever allowed to work alone. She is a competent and curious patrol officer and investigator. Her confidence and knowledge, however, is occasionally perceived as arrogance by her less-confident colleagues. Lindsey completes a higher-than-average number of calls for service, citations, citizen contacts, and generates very few complaints despite the additional exposure to the public. She requires very little supervisor and is an intrinsically motivated, high-growth-needs employee.

Employee Individual/Solo Setting Work Rating (refer to guide for definitive examples): 5

Describe Employee in Citizen/Public Settings: Ofc Lindsey, generally, is a diligent and customer-service focused police officer and public servant. Residents and visitors to Dry Creek seem to generally understand that she genuinely cares about their welfare and safety while in our jurisdiction. The exception to this overwhelmingly general rule is that she has little patience for what she calls “petty problem solving.” Unfortunately, such calls for service are an increasing part of police work as society becomes more dependent on government services. I have provided verbal counseling to Ofc Lindsey on this topic and she has generally improved her response to such episodes (refer to “Treed Cat” example under Complaints section)

Employee Citizen/Public Setting Work Rating (refer to guide for definitive examples): 3

Describe Employee Problem Solving Abilities: Ofc Lindsey is commonly able to resolve all conflicts and complaints she encounters without aid or assistance. Several times this year, she has used creative solutions that did not seem readily apparent and would have stumped many officers of her present tenure. Lindsey consistently keeps Public and Officer Safety above all other considerations. When she must deliver disappointing news or cannot accommodate requests from colleagues or citizens, Lindsey commonly does such in such a manner as to avoid further upsetting the recipient. Ofc Lindsey recently sought and accepted a promotion and will soon become Detective Lindsey. I expect her creative problem solving will continue to aid her in this new assignment to work narcotics in the Neighborhood Enforcement Unit.

Employee Problem Solving Work Rating (refer to guide for definitive examples): 4


(Supervisor: Continue on to Page Three for further)