John the Trainer

The Saint Michael Thriller Series features a complex man and prominent antihero, John REDACTED. He conditionally agreed to help the Holy See’s Division of Intelligence & Counter-Espionage establish an elite Absolver training program, and John arrogantly believed his decades of clandestine experience would prevent him from ever again unknowingly advancing hidden and subversive agendas.

These are some of the events and circumstances that led him to train and lead the Absolvers.




Birthplace: REDACTED Hospital, REDACTED.

Education: REDACTED High School (1964-1968); Bachelor of Arts-Psychology (REDACTED, 1970-75), Master of Arts-Homeland Security (American Military University, 2005-07), Doctor of Strategic Intelligence (AMU, 2014-16)

Employment: Assembly Line Employee (REDACTED, 1965-68); United States REDACTED (1968-1980); REDACTED (1980-2016); Self-Employed (2016-Current)

Professional History: John volunteered for the U.S. REDACTED immediately after high school graduation and honorably served in REDACTED and successfully passed Selection Course for REDACTED. John completed his Bachelor degree as part of the REDACTED program and resigned his officer commission in 1980. He joined REDACTED and worked in clandestine operations in REDACTED, REDACTED, REDACTED, and REDACTED. He promoted several times and rose to the position REDACTED before retiring to run a private intelligence and global security service in 2016.

Hobbies: Long-Range Precision Rifle Operation


John spent almost five decades in direct service of the United States, its citizens, and their international interests. He’s worked on every continent and spent significant time and engaged in considerable activities on all but one of them. The last three decades of his federal employment focused on training and developing high, mission-focused operational capacities among his employees. The Director of REDACTED quietly ordered that organization’s US flag lowered to half-staff the day John retired.


John REDACTED is exceptionally qualified to administer and operate the proposed training program, but holds equal ideological ties to his faith and his country. Despite professional success at REDACTED, he resigned in protest following the failure of Operation REDACTED and its resulting change in operations directorate leadership. This duality is expected to become a source of conflict should his intrinsic national values oppose the objectives and work of the REDACTED. Current directive from leadership at Division of Intelligence & Counter-Espionage is to strongly compartmentalize all but training and target objectives that absolutely require John’s involvement.