The Saint Michael Thriller Series features a quiet and reserved French priest, known primarily by his pseudonym, “Alpha.” Ever since his childhood, Alpha knew he was destined for the priesthood. He chose to study and work in Paris to remain close to his family, and his time in John’s training camp was his longest separation from home. Among all the Absolvers, he is the most steadfast and loyal to the Vatican and Holy See hierarchy. These are some of the events and circumstances that led him to join the Absolvers.


Full Name/DOB: Chasseur Antlé, February 23, 1983

Parents: Henry and Marie Antlé

Birthplace: Notre Dame de Bon Secours, Paris, France.

Education: Home Schooling (1988-2001); Bachelor of Arts-Theology (Sorbonne Paris Cité, 2001-2004)

Employment: Galeries Lafayette, Cashier/Stocker (1995-2001); Sorbonne Paris Cité, Janitor (2001-2004); Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Paris, Priest (2004-17)

Hobbies: Football, Rugby, Cycling


Chasseur grew up in near-poverty under the tutelage of Monsignor Roy at Sacré-Coeur Basilica in Paris, even though the church was an hour train ride from his home. The monsignor helped Chasseur acquire a university scholarship and recruited him into the clergy afterward. Having grown up among the violence and suffering of Paris’ ghettoes, his attitude toward those who selfishly prey on their neighbors is predictably intolerant. He devoted the first three years of his meager clerical stipend to helping his parents escape Clichy-Sous-Bois and the rising Islamism there. Chasseur still makes an annual trip to his childhood apartment building to lay a poppy on the sidewalk where muggers killed his older brother in 1999.


Chasseur Antlé has a long, established, and known history with the Archdiocese of Paris and the Holy See oversight. He has repeatedly and predictably supported the papal leadership without question and easily dismisses potential ideological or philosophical conflict, ever favoring the opinion and findings of the present papacy. Antlé is a native French speaker and fluently speaks, reads, and writes English and Italian at ACTFL Superior level, along with German at ACTFL Advanced-Mid level. Analysis at Division of Intelligence & Counter-Espionage finds no areas of concern in his history or ideology.