Real Life Crime

Samuel Little

Killing a human being is not something anyone can do in the right state of his/her mind. The world is full of people who think twice before killing a cockroach in their kitchen, so killing a human being is far from reality for them. However, you will be surprised to know that there is a man who says he’s killed at least 93 people over a period of 35 years. Now that’s not even one person per year! This is what a real-life American serial killer who goes by the name of Samuel Little, claims. Most of you might consider it as just another rumor, but the truth is that Samuel himself confessed to murdering as much as 93 people.

The question is why and how someone would take away innocent lives so repeatedly? Also, why was he roaming around freely for so long? What is even more infuriating is the fact that this man largely attacked women, many of whom have still remained unidentified. According to Samuel, he kept murdering sinned humans because he thought no one was keeping a check on his activities and, therefore, he was not accountable to anyone. This was one of the major motivational factors behind this ‘extreme’ activity. He continued to kill women thinking the news of their untimely, sudden, and tragic demise would go unnoticed. However, the world works in mysterious ways and time unfolds everything sooner or later in life.

Moreover, it is also reported that most women were black so this clearly tells us about the discrimination towards a certain race. This is clearly a case of racial intolerance as well. Also, most of his victims were sex workers, trans women, homeless, or women living transient lives. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that his victims included vulnerable souls who couldn’t defend themselves against such a powerful and habitual killer.

A lot of people blame the authorities for letting Samuel ruin so many lives. It is also believed that many of the deaths were classified as natural, accidental, or drug overdose although the bodies showed clear signs of sheer injustice, intolerance, and of course murder. The miseries continued from 1970-2005 and now Samuel is living a life in prison charged with murders of only three women. However, the world thinks that the punishment is not enough considering he actually strangled several weak and vulnerable women to death.

After going through this famous American serial killer’s case, one is bound to think that only a warped creative mind with a horrific thought process could take away so many lives and still manage to get away with it.

1 thought on “Samuel Little”

  1. Creepy! Those poor women didn’t deserve that! I pray that he never sees the outside world again as a free man!


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