More Religious Conspiracy Theories

When it comes to large scale events, the masses hardly ever know the truth. Such events require a speculation from outside the box. So whether in an attempt to create propaganda or explain a mystical event, conspiracy theories have been around for as long as humans could stress their brains. So when it comes to something as fundamental and secretive as religion, one could expect a lot of people to present theories from a twisted perspective.

Following are a collection of some of the most famous conspiracy theories regarding religion:

Conspiracy theories regarding Jews

The Andinia Plan

Initially in the 1880’s, Argentine’ foreign policy welcomed tremendous amounts of immigrants into Argentina. The majority of which included Jews immigrating from Europe. A Jewish financier by the name Maurice de Hirsch helped these immigrants settle and develop into a community. This opportunity somewhat appealed to the Zionist movement to build a local autonomy that would deal with the Jewish problems. Unlike Palestine, the Zionists had no plan to take over Southern Argentina, but only set up a separate Jewish autonomy to represent the Jewish community.

The right-wing, however, with strict views against the mass Jewish immigration was not happy with the entire immigration situation. According to them, it was a plan for the Jews to settle down and invade the Southern part of Argentina ultimately declaring it a separate Jewish state. Despite the fact that the Zionists had no motive in taking over Southern Argentina. The Anti-Defamation League accused the right-wing of using the notion of the Andinia plan to target the Jews.

Temple Denial

As the name suggests, temple denial is a thought put forward by the Palestinians that no temples ever existed in Jerusalem and that any evidence of the holy temples in Jerusalem is fabricated. David Hazony, a famous Israeli writer refers to this as an intellectual attack on the Jewish history by the Palestinian scholars and politicians. Moreover, he compared this to the notion similar to the holocaust denial.

Zionist Occupation Government

Abbreviated as ZOG, many people all over the world, the majority of which include the far-right and white supremacists believe that the government and policy making of Western states is controlled by a secret Zionist organization. They believe that this organization dominates giant corporations, banks and governments to fulfill their agenda.

Conspiracy theories regarding Muslims

Image Attribution: Robert Spencer

Jihad Watch

Referred to as an Islamophobic website by the Anti Defamation League, Jihad Watch run by Robert Spencer is an anti Islamic website that aims to promote hatred against the Muslims and the religion of Islam. The late Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto in her book accuses Robert Spencer of spreading misinformation and spiking Islamaphobia through his website. Moreover, she also mentions that Jihad Watch posts content targeted towards Islam with no facts just to spew hate amongst the masses against the Muslims. NewsGuard, a browser extension that is compatible with major search engines verifies news websites as authentic or not depending upon their history, has reportedly labelled Jihad Watch as an unauthentic source.

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