Real Life Crime

Luis Garavito (The Beast)

Luis Alfredo Garavito Cubillos otherwise known as “The Beast”, born on 25th January 1957, is recognized as one of the most barbaric and ruthless serial killers in history. With a body count of more than 300 individuals and nearly 150 confessions of murdering and raping innocent kids and teenagers, Luis Garavito is a name that brings horror to Colombia.

Image: Government of Colombia. (Image used under the fair use guidelines)

Raised in a toxic and abusive household, Garavito’s mother was a prostitute by profession while his father was a severe alcoholic who would often resort to abusing and beating Garavito and his siblings for the fun of it. He would force Garavito to observe his mother’s business and even let her clients harass Garavito. Sick and tired with it all, Garavito fled from his home thinking the trouble was over. Unfortunately, it had just begun. Lonely and starving, the 8-year-old Garavito found himself under the charm of a paedophile who lured him into his trap by promising him food and a place to sleep.

Soon after, Garavito rushed to join local gangs in order to protect himself. Now homeless with no money and job, Garavito searched far and wide for jobs to earn a decent amount of cash to support himself financially. He worked different jobs, to begin with, he worked as a clerk later on switching to selling religious items on the Colombian streets. Like father like son, Garavito drank to the point of blackouts. So much so, he tried to take his own life once and had to remain under psychiatric evaluation for years.

However, it wasn’t until the early 1990’s that Luis Garavito’s corrupt mind resorted to murder.  Most of his victims were young homeless or orphan boys. Luis would spot his victim, keep an eye on him to understand how the victim goes about his day and when the situation would deem fit, he would dress in disguise and try to lure his victim by offering him money or employment. Garavito confessed to using a number of unique disguises to lure the victims. Garavito expanded his killing spree over more than 50 towns. He’d win over his victims disguising himself as a priest or whatever he thought was charming enough. He would then take his victims to a hideout where he would sexually assault them and then murder them in a barbaric way. He would often cut off the heads of his victims or cut their genitals.

After terrorizing the Colombian towns for years, Luis Garavito was eventually arrested in 1999 after his DNA matched positively with the DNA found on one of his victims. In addition to that, a spectacle frame built especially for a rare eye disease that Garavito was suffering with, was also found near one of the bodies of his victim as well as empty alcohol bottles. In custody, Garavito confessed to all of his crimes that were so abundant in number that all of them combine to a total of more than 1500 years in prison.

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