History of the Illuminati

The history of the Illuminati can be traced back thousands of years. It is now known as the world’s greatest conspiracy which was created by a man named Adam Weishaupt. He was a Catholic man who left the religion of Christianity and decided to organize a group called the Illuminati which was mainly funded by International Bankers. Since the creation of this group, the goal the Illuminati are aiming to achieve is to create one government in the world, and merging all religions and governments in the process of achieving that goal. Hence, this is why they claim that all wars since the French Revolution have been orchestrated by them to attain and move closer to their goal.

Weishaupt wrote down a detailed plan and a document which entailed that all the Illuminati must attain their goal and it was completed on May 1st 1776. Hence, this is the reason why people following the Illuminati tend to celebrate May Day as a tribute to the plan. At the time when he came up with this ideology, the main powers in the world were Britain and France. The Illuminati group takes credit for the Revolutionary War, as it ended up weakening the empire and the French Revolution to weaken the French Empire.

The Bavarian government, however, found out about the motives of Illuminati and forced them to disband the organization and go underground. After this, they began to use many names and other disguises to keep themselves functioning. Later, they wanted to intervene with the governments in Europe trying to weaken them and say that the Congress of Vienna was something that they had come up with. Further, they tried to form the League of Nations which was rendered unsuccessful as Russia decided not to be a part of it. Hence, the Illuminati still looks favorably at Russia.

Later, as Europe developed, the Illuminati began to pit the ideology of Karl Marx against the complete opposite theory of Karl Ritter. They used the aid from International Banks and took over Europe finishing the rules of the empire and settling down to individual governments. They pitted the ideologies of the two men against each other to divide the human race into two and create fights and develop hate between them so they could destroy one another by themselves.

Under General Albert Pike, the Illuminati had planned 3 world wars which will eventually lead to one government being formed to rule over the world. The Illuminati take credit for both of the world wars and believe that they pitted the world against Russia in the first war as they had animosity towards them while and in the second World War, they pitted fascists against Zionists. And as for the third world war, it will be fought by Muslim leaders against the world. This will then force the world to create one-government to rule the world which is exactly what the Illuminati had wanted in the 1700s. The Illuminati have been working on their goals passionately and do not plan on stopping until they achieve them.

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