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Incidents in the Paris Catacombs

The Paris catacombs are famous for their rich history and culture hidden beneath the hustle and bustle of the city. Paris was at one time rotting with bodies due to urbanization and over population within the city. This is why people decided to repurpose the city’s tunnels for the burial of bodies which helped rid the city of the smell. The catacombs hold rich history for the city, but there have been many incidents which have taken place within the catacombs which make the people weary to go there. Some of these incidents include the following.

While the French Revolution was taking place, a man named Phillbert Apsairt was working as a doorman for a hospital and he was sent by his superiors to get a certain type of liqueur, but instead of going into the cellar he ended up within the catacombs. He only had a candle in his hands and he was desperately trying to find a way out of the catacombs, but was unable to do so. Some believe he may even be intoxicated at the time. When the candle blew out, it became impossible for him to escape as it was pitch black. He died within those catacombs and his rotting body was found 11 years later. His identification was done through the hospital tag he had on. Later he was buried exactly where he had died within the catacombs. It is said that his ghost now haunts the catacombs every November 3rd.

Another strange incident that occurred was in 2004. The police were searching a specific part of the catacombs which was restricted to the public and had closed access. There they found something very suspicious and creepy. At first, they found a voice recording system which had guard dog noises recorded on it to scare off any unwanted visitors. Later, they found galleries that were 3000 square feet large. Then they even found phones which were wired and using pirated electricity. Deeper within they found living areas, bars, and a cinema which had its seats carved out of rocks from the catacombs. The weirdest part of it all was that there were cameras placed on the ceilings which were recording the police officers at the time.

Later, the officers brought a larger team for investigation of the place. however, everything they had earlier seen or found had been wiped clean like it never existed. Everything from the seats of the cinema to the cameras were gone. All that was left behind was a note with the words “Don’t Search” written in French.

Paris may be a city with history and culture, but behind all that there are some scary and supernatural incidents that take place within it, especially within the catacombs which house bodies of around 6 million people from the city of Paris.

1 thought on “Incidents in the Paris Catacombs”

  1. That is so eerie! Wow! But so interesting! I enjoy your blog! Thank you for your books and most of all for your service as a policeman! I couldn’t do what you do! God bless you and your family, I pray!


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