The French Revolution

The French Revolution started in 1789 and lasted until November 1799. It marked a critical turning point for the French.

This revolution had a highly disturbing effect on France. During this time, alterations were made to the political structure, monarchy and feudal system. These were abolished and redesigned by the citizens of France. They were not satisfied with the monarchy and economic policies made by King Louis XVI who was executed along with his wife, Marie Antoinette. The new monarchy didn’t prove to be successful in achieving its overall goals and thus marked the beginning of chaos and disagreements. The revolution shaped modern nations by showing them how powerful people’s will could be.

The weakening of the Feudal regime and its somewhat disappearance in Europe and the changes in the class of structures was one of the reasons for what is known to have been one of the most violent and bloody of revolutions.

The bourgeoisie (the wealthy people), merchants and manufacturers aimed at gaining more wealth and control in parts where there was no political power. The peasants, owning lands and living a life of a better standard, with better education, wanted to put a complete end to the remaining feudal system so they would become fully rightful as landowners and be able to expand their holdings.

Since 1730, the standard of living had become poor and the death rate had reduced significantly among the adults thus leading to an increased population in Europe for a number of centuries, with France being the country with the highest population.

This meant that more food and goods were required. The prices however increased from 1730 after the gold mines were discovered in Brazil. This led to an economic crisis with people fighting for food. The citizens of France then began to argue about the reforms of France with scholars and intellectuals, resulting in the beginning of the revolution.

When the Estates-General was called at Versailles, a public debate arose regarding the voting system, which changed the purpose of the meeting. With the constant meeting of the National Assembly and Versailles, fear, chaos and violence had gotten a hold of the capital.

This completely disturbed the country and chaos began with the peasants burning houses of landlords and tax collectors, constant revolts and as a result the Feudalist system was abolished. After the execution of King Louis in 1793, the French Revolution turned into a more violent phase with wars starting with the European powers.

2 thoughts on “The French Revolution”

  1. I have always thought it sad that so many children were executed! I know that peasants were mistreated, but many innocent people died! What a shame that France, and later Russia could not achieve a constitutional monarchy peacefully!♥️👀🎃👻🕷💀😈🦇🦉♥️


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