Tourism in Vienna

Although one of the Absolver books is based in Vienna, don’t let it put you off visiting the “city of dreams” – there are many reasons why Vienna is well worth a visit.

Vienna is an immensely intriguing city found in Austria, Europe. It is often known as the city of music because many world-renowned musicians such as Beethoven lived there for most of their life.

Delicious And Innovative Food

Every tourist visiting Vienna should know that they cannot leave without trying the popular Weiner Schnitzel. The Weiner Schnitzel is a product of Vienna’s creative streak. This dish basically contains some meat that has been breaded and pan-fried. The most authentic Weiner Schnitzel includes veal and is served alongside potato salad. A Viennese baker actually invented the croissant which was taken to France by Marie Antoinette. You cannot pass by the quaint bakeries and cafes in Vienna without trying the croissant’s inspiration, Kipferl. Kipferl is an Austrian cookie that is in the shape of a crescent. Vienna sure knows how to tickle the taste buds.

Amazing Public Transportation Systems

Vienna is known for having one of the best transportation systems in the world. They have a well maintained above ground tram and underground train system. The best part is that there is no limit on using public transport for travel and it runs 24 hours for a very low price! Tickets can easily be purchased online or at electronic booths in U-Bahn stations.

Unique Souvenirs

You know when you see baked goods at an amazing bakery and you think, ‘wow, these snacks look too good to eat!’  And then you eat them and you feel like you tasted a piece of heaven. Well, the Viennese Punschkrapfen is just like that. These little glazed pink squares made up of dough and rum can be considered as the official sweet dish of Vienna. You can take these amazing sweet treats back home in a lovely wooden box for all your loved ones (or only you) to marvel at and devour.

Instagram Heaven

Let’s face it: we all envy those ‘grammers that post beautiful pictures at beautiful locations that look absolutely unreal. Well, Vienna hosts some of the most surreal and stunningly gorgeous buildings and natural sights in the whole world! An exquisite structure that has been maintained since the 18th century, the Gloriette overlooks the majestic Schönbrunn Palace gardens atop a hill. One of the most memorable moments of a trip to Vienna may be atop the stairs of the Gloriette, looking over the Habsburg royal summer residence. You are sure to gain some followers taking pictures from there!

Vienna is an amazing city that is filled with rich culture and history and has activities that everyone can take part in.

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  1. I love Johann Strauss’s music, and would have loved hearing it live in Vienna! ♥️👀🎃👻🕷😈💀🦉🦇♥️


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