First Official Donation, Thanks to All of You!

Thanks to everyone who has supported my writing and this new endeavor through Cyanide Publishing. You’re literally making new dreams come true for me, almost every week. Got some really exciting news coming up in the next two months, but I’m going to share that with you when its closer.

For today, I want to say Thank You for taking a risk on a brand new author and my debut novel, which, over the weekend, has generated my first royalty payment from Amazon and Kindle. I have a long way to go before my writing is more lucrative than boat ownership, but I still felt honored and humbled that the folks reading this were willing to give me and my writing a shot. I genuinely understand that money you’ve spent on my writing is limited and precious, especially when it goes toward how you choose to spend your free time. We all have too few hours of our own every week, too little time away from work, and we have to very discriminately choose how that time and our money are spent. They’re too valuable to be wasted, and I am absolutely flattered and grateful that you’ve been willing to make me part of your free time, and accessory to your escape. Thank you. I hope my tales and characters have been worthwhile, and I will strive to keep earning a bit of what little time you have to yourself.

On that note, I myself have almost NO free time right now, given that Enemies Domestic has only been out for three months, Starter Library for 2.5, Room Number Three for one, and Enemies Foreign is due out in about 41 days. However, I wanted to take time out from the Foreign project to both thank you for your support and let you know where this month’s donation month went.

In accordance with my intent and inscription in all the books, a portion of every sale will go to charities that benefit law enforcement professionals and veterans, their families and heirs, and honor the memories of our Fallen Heroes. A lot of media attention is briefly paid when a cop loses their life in the line of duty, but VERY little gets paid to cops who are injured on the job. Thus, this month’s donation went to Assist The Officer, an organization in Texas that strives to fill this critical need. As someone who’s been hurt at work, I can tell you the struggle to get back into uniform is usually physically, emotionally, and psychologically taxing. In this profession, you can take time off and come back to realize very few people even knew you left because everyone’s so busy dealing with their own assignments and problems. While you’re hurt, it can feel like you’re forgotten, which really undermines all the camaraderie and compassion we put into our jobs every day. You can find information on ATO at their website ( I hope you’ll consider supporting these folks and their work to help support police officers in their times of great personal need.

In closing, the past five months have been incredible, and that wouldn’t be possible without you. If you’ve enjoyed my books, I hope you’ll consider telling a friend or ten.

My coffee break is up. Back to finishing Enemies Foreign.

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