Enemies Foreign – Now available to pre-order

Foreign terror cells have infiltrated and disabled emergency response units. Nothing can prevent their next terror attack.

Available to pre-order now. Released 15th November:

While following leads to identify and arrest a local international drug trafficker, Detective Alex Landon is called to lead a mass murder investigation after the unholy marriage of a drugs trafficking cartel and the Taliban has less-than-amicable beginnings. The last two words of the sole surviving witness strikes fear into the heart of everyone involved: “Allah akbar!” Investigators frantically search the Phoenix Valley for a team of unidentified foreign terrorists, but fear making the investigation public would risk mass hysteria and vigilante justice. During the search, intel reports warn investigators that international terror groups intend to erode emergency response capabilities in advance of planned attacks.

When critical police, fire, and emergency personnel across the Phoenix Valley are simultaneously accused of heinous crimes and immediately suspended from duty, Detective Landon knows they’re almost out of time to stop an imminent terror attack.

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